A Place to Grow (Lord Roberts)

This garden club provides a space for people of all ages to come together and learn about permaculture. Participants include neighbourhood families, youth from the local elementary schools and day cares, as well as adults.

Location (see maps below): 

Behind the Lord Roberts Community Centre (725 Kylemore Avenue) near the end of the Kylemore backlane and Argue Street. Sometimes we'll make a visit to the Lord Roberts Elementary School Courtyard Garden.


This garden club meets on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm, plus weekend watering assignments.


Jennefer Larsen is the steward of this club.
"I've lived in South Osborne for more than 25 years, growing up and now raising my own family here. I enjoy the neighbourhood's sense of community, programs, and spaces. I believe that health, wellness and food security can be achieved through urban agriculture. I am enthusiastic to share this belief with my children and neighbours."

Why join? 

  • you'll get to share in the produce, 
  • you'll learn about permaculture and ecological urban food production
  • you'll contribute to food justice in Winnipeg, and 
  • you'll be a part of the growing movement of community-based urban agriculture in South Osborne.

How to participate:

Participants can expect to help maintain the gardens during weekly evening sessions, or to check in on the gardens during the weekend to make sure the plants are watered.

This club is using TeamSnap to inform participants about upcoming gardening sessions.
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1. Create an account with TeamSnap on your computer or phone.

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A Place to Grow (Lord Roberts)


The Courtyard Garden and Hydroponics Table