SSOCC Walking Tour Video (June 2012)

The video of the walkabout in South Osborne in June is now available for your viewing. No need to lace up your runners just yet, our hopes is that it’ll inspire you to get involved in some capacity.

Many thanks to the producer, director, videographer, and editor, Paul S. Graham:

The stories shared in this video reflect the choices made by South Osborne residents in considering alternative travel methods. Led by a conscious desire to reduce their carbon emissions, the personal profiles featured in this 7 minute video offer anecdotes and inspiration while highlighting a number of community led programs supporting greener living.

Programs Featured:

Peg City Car Co-op
Bike, Walk, Bus, and Sometimes, Drive. Visit Peg City Car Co-op’s website, become a member and start thinking about the alternatives to your vehicle use. Follow them on facebook.

South Osborne Bike Hub
South Osborne Bike Hub serves the Lord Roberts and Riverview neighbourhoods in Winnipeg as a volunteer-run bicycle repair facility and resource centre. Visit for more information. Follow them on facebook.

This video was produced by Sustainable South Osborne through support from the Province of Manitoba’s Community Led Emissions Reduction (CLER) program.

We would like to thank Director, Videographer, and Editor Matt Wiebe:


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