South Osborne Garden Clubs

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What’s a Garden Club? Do you want to garden, or learn about gardening, but don’t want the full responsibility of your own garden space? Join a Garden Club!  The clubs offer a chance to learn about permaculture and get some hands on experience in a garden – plus you get to share in the bounty. Each club is a little different, with different sites, time commitments and schedules.

They’re open to anyone and free to join.

For example, if you're available Monday/ Wednesday evenings, then the People Garden Club is probably the best fit for you. Or if you want to spend time in the South Osborne Community Orchard, join the Orchard Club. If you like the idea of gardening with kids, then consider joining A Place To Grow. Or if you want to learn from one of the Stewards in particular, you'll want to join the Garden Club that they organize (see About for details). Or join a club with a friend!

How do I pick the right Garden Club?  

The main differences between the Garden Clubs are: 

  1. Schedule
  2. Location
  3. Participants 
  4. Stewards

Do I have to join a club to participate? Nope. Anyone is free to drop in and enjoy our garden spaces and help out. But if you want a share in the produce, you have to commit to helping us make sure that the space is cared for - and this means joining a Garden Club. 

What happens to the food?  Most of what we grow in these gardens (about 70%) goes to those who played the biggest role in growing it – the Stewards.

Then we split the rest:


  • 10% of the produce goes to participants in the Garden Clubs
  • 10% is sold to support Sustainable South Osborne (or is served at the Harvest Dinner),
  • 10% we give to social agencies like Oak Table, Agape Table and our friends at Fred Tipping Place, or sell to make donations to non-profit organizations that support food justice.